Pistols At Dawn - Fugitives (Single Review)

Pistols At Dawn – Fugitives (Single Review)

Pistols At Dawn have released their final single of 2012 “Fugitives” taken from their debut album “Tarnation”  which was released earlier this year.

“Fugitives”, showcases the bands’ signature sound: stripped back instrumentals and lead singer Dan’s sleek yet rough vocals contrasting with the strums of bass and intricate plucking of the guitar – a melancholy echo of the deceased legend Kurt Cobain’s classic “trippy” voice, wouldn’t you agree?

The visuals also compliment the overall production of “Fugitives”. A black and white set filmed by Stephen Pook depicting a couple on the run. The background movie creates an eerie and unnerving vibe but at the same time strangely addictive – to the point where you’ll find yourself unable to resist clicking on more and more tracks on their YouTube channel. (well I was!)

The band itself is formed of Dan Mclachlan (lead vocals/guitar/keys/beats), Jim Calverley (bass), Matt Ball (drums) and Dave Williams (guitar). Together they create a strong-as-nails band, as the vocal and instrumental choices work together exceptionally well to not just bring great music, but also a story.

Claire Stapley

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