Meiko - Leave The Lights On (Single Review)

Meiko – Leave The Lights On (Single Review)

The homegrown American voice of LA based folk songstress Meiko Sheppard has been making waves. The butterscotch acoustic girl-next-door pop vibes presented on her self titled debut have seen her thrust into the realms of commercial success with her creations featuring in more American telly than you can shake a stick at. It’s not difficult to pin down the reasons for her success – Simply put, she makes genuine, relatable music that makes you smile.

Distant from the humble folky beginnings presented on her debut, Leave The Lights On features propulsive throbbing synth backing reminiscent of It’s Blitz! era Yeah Yeah Yeahs. While the homely fingerpicked guitar melodies recalls the earlier acoustic majesty that formed the backbone of her debut, it does little to alter the indie-folk-electronica feel of the track. Her rich and raspy vocals, which could be described as like that of Ellie Goulding’s estranged American cousin, remain a landmark in her sound.

But her vocal talents are overshadowed here. Her angelic, candy coated tones are drowned in hollow sounding echo and produce. Lyrically, though much darker and moodier than the sunshine pop of previous tracks like Under My Bed, it doesn’t does not carry the sense of effortlessness and flawlessness of earlier works. Meiko has made a bold leap from her comfort zone, and credit to her for doing so. Unfortunately the result sounds a bit contrived.

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