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Rosie Soul & The Rock And Roll Cowboys – Crimson Society (Single Review)

Crimson Society is the lead single off of an upcoming EP, the first studio recording effort from Rosie Soul and the Rock and Roll Cowboys. The first thing you notice about the track is that it leads with its strengths. That riff and her voice.

Firstly the riff rampages its way through the track mowing down anything in its path. Clearly the alpha of the instruments it dominates the song when it’s time to takes charge. An old fashioned affaire created in the mould 80’s shock rock, it works well with the attitude of the band and the aesthetic of the leather clad maiden singing like a she-devil with a grin twice as wide.

Speaking of which, that girl has a hell of a set of pipes on her. In the opening seconds she treats us to the full range of her vocal chords as a taste of things to come. You have been warned it seems to shout.

The verse then pulls back the pace and puts the emphasis on atmosphere and dramatics. The lyrics recall the imagery of Meatloaf and the melody reminds me of Muse’s Knights of Cydonia. This allows the track room to breathe so the chorus can explode back into the attention of the listener. It’s a hell yeah moment that defines what a band like this are all about.

Its a confident debut from a group more used to interpreting other peoples music than in creating its own. Taking the craft they’ve been perfecting on the road for years into the studio has had some unsurprising but certainly refreshing results.

Crimson Society by Rosie Soul

Writer: Lee Hazell

Vulture Hound