Linnea Olsson – Dinosaur

Cello may seem like an odd choice of instrument to craft a pop song around, but Linnea Olsson works it, making even the most jaded of listener sit up and pay attention.

Coming from a family of musicians in Halmstad, Sweden; Olsson has been playing the cello since the age of six. Her approach to chamber-pop is unique, using only her voice, a cello, and a Middle Eastern drum called a darburka. She’s currently touring with Peter Gabriel, and has previously worked with the likes of Nina Kinert and Ane Brun.

Taken from her forthcoming album Ah!, ‘Dinosaur’ is a constantly playful track, filled with uplifting, sweeping melodies on the cello. Variations of the lyric hook ‘I’m still alive’, can be found in hundreds of songs, but heard here, filtered through Olsson’s crystal clear tones, it takes on a refreshed meaning. With ‘Dinosaur’ Linnea Olsson proves that chamber-pop, and pop music in general, still has plenty of untapped originality left in it.

‘Dinosaur’ is available now.

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