Tomorrow's World('s) - So Long My Love (Single Review)

Tomorrow’s World(‘s) – So Long My Love (Single Review)

Independent film makers/fans of the world unite! As December 3rd sees the release of Tomorrow’s World(‘s) new song So Long My Love. The cinematic entry comes in the form of new duo Jean-Benoit Dunkel and Lou Hayter who came from different back grounds, Jean was one half of seminal electro pop band Air, and Lou was a London based singer and musician.

The start of the video in my view is the most ear catching part of the song, and that was just the sound of a car engine revving but soon drowned out by the eerie synths and electro computer drum beat that follows you all the way to the bitter end of this tale of broken love, a tale with music that would suit any low budget love film about heart break, but for a song to stick on your iPod? I wouldn’t think so but saying that though, the distorted guitar sounding solo did make for some very ear pleasing stuff bringing in an element of Jack White in the chorus, that I for one was quite happy with, but isn’t enough for me to be completely wild about the song, it’ll merely be echoed in the back of my brain but sadly nothing more.

If used in the right way like I mentioned before in a film or something similar then the duo have achieved something quite special, but as a song to be played on the radio and such? I would say no.

Sorry girls it wasn’t great, but lets see what the album holds.

Ciro Guadagno

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