Ones To Watch: Ned Collette & Wirewalker

There’s no doubt about it, the Spanish guitar is under-rated.  I wish every song had a featured Spanish guitar in it, be it improvised solo or full on accompaniment.  Give me Julio Iglesias any day.

Ned Collette and Wirewalker use a Spanish guitar but in a different way to the silver tongued crooner.  Don’t be getting all excited now, they don’t do wacky things with the guitar, it’s just stylistically quite different from old Julio.  However, to be honest, the beginning of Long You Lie could almost be Enriques’ Bailamos (if you want it to be) and if you shut your eyes, it’s basically the same song for about four seconds before the vocals come in.  Then it’s all “move over, Iglesias’ (plural)” and hello almost 80s electro type.  It’s a bit Pet Shop Boys and Human League; not a lot of vocal changes and the use of a few notes before the “Ohhhhhhh”.  You’ll see what I mean when you listen.

But I’m pleased to say that there is a white suit involved in the video.  Long live Julio.

I wouldn’t look too closely at the video.  There’s a bit of a demon headmaster thing going on there with Ned Collette; watch out for your soul.

Whilst the good old Spanish guitar also features in How to Change a City, it starts off much more stripped back, providing a folkier finish.  More experimental than Long You Lie, the track oozes other worldliness; with its unfamiliar composition and arrangement it’s been described as a “dark, folky soundscape”.  I think of it more as psychedelic folk; if Leonard Cohen made sweet, sweet love with MGMT, this song would be the musical offspring.

Ned Collette and Wirewalker are set to be busy boys in the near future; kicking off this month, they are going to playing all over the place!  Catch them while you can.

Amelia Murray

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