Conquistador – The White Album (Album Review)

The Scandinavians have done it again. The White Album join the influx of popular Scandinavian artists like Lykke Li, Ane Brun, Agnes Obel and Of Monsters and Men. Conquistador have also brought their own quirky indie folk style to the table and it does not disappoint .

‘Counting Treasures’, the first track, is a slow burner which eases you into the EP. There’s one plug line of ‘All at large’ which gets you hooked right away. Full of Bon Iver lightness in its harmonies, this sets the standard- and it’s only up from here.

The next track,‘Seventeen’, with its light, playful and gentle strings perfectly portrays life at seventeen where you’re young and carefree but have the pressure of looming responsibility on your back. Yet again, it’s gorgeous and reminiscent of Villagers.

‘Trenches’ is a brilliantly short acapella track which provides an interlude to the EP with which to whet your palate for the second half. Stunningly beautiful, it also displays the band’s  lyrical abilities: ‘there’s blood on my hands so let’s join them and dance’. ‘Seasons end’ is woozy and wistful in the same way The Antlers – Hospice is. It’s slow and meditative and makes a gorgeous lullaby with its rich guitar. The quickened pace at the end makes excellent use of the drums- the perfect balance, not too heavy or too light.

‘Your Mouth is a Fist’ is a faster track with Frank Turner and Arcade fire drumming but creates a sound that is entirely them. The final track, ‘Let’s Go Out’ is slower, more of a solo track. It feels like the B-side to a single because it heavily personal and reveals more about the lead singer.

All that’s left to say is with Conquistador, The White Album are set to conquer.

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