Shelter Point – Forever For Now (EP)

Shelter Point are a 20 year-old duo whose mixture of electronic music and lush vocals are to be debuted on their EP ‘Forever For Now’. The first track, ‘Braille’, features ‘OK Computer’ Radiohead-esque noises with sharp, but not severe, vocals in between the electronic music. It’s gorgeous with celestial and otherworldly ‘oohs’ in the background however noises that sound like glass breaking verge on irksome. Following this is ‘Hold On Me’ with a gorgeous voice that ranges from high to low. It’s oddly perturbing with the lyrics ‘you get a hold on me’ and it makes you feel a bit spaced out, as if you’re in a daze. The titular track is more of a love song. It’s slower and a little The xx like. The change of pace from slow to quick is clever and the harp sounding part gives the track a luscious flair.

‘Sleep Easy’, the final track has the duo playing about with the electronic sound boards to create intelligently intricate sounds. There’s a lot of noise layered on top of each other but it works well. The vocals are louder and plainer which cuts nicely through the synthetic music.

Overall, despite the prolific number of electronic acts these days, Shelter Point’s debut is unique and they have managed to present their sound brilliantly to the music world. There’s room for another act yet.

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