New Video: The Ghosts – Underrated

How many times have we seen it? A love story summarised into 3 minutes of poor acting and cut between shots of full band, moving in slow-mo yet singing in real time. Ooooh how do they do it. Sense my sarcasm. The world of the music video has deteriorated. Yes there are some exceptions but too many times in recent years have I sighed at guitarist ‘rocking out’ without even being plugged into his amp or the leading couple starring into each other’s eyes, brows furrowed as both song and video come to their emotional  conclusion. Please give me something original.

Step up ‘The Ghosts’ and ‘Underrated’, a cool, crisp song accompanied by a video equally as slick. There are no overly angry musicians or actors too good looking for their own good. Instead a simple concept cleverly executed by Tim Burton collaborator Alex Kyrou. Kyrou was also responsible for the bands other two videos off their debut album ‘The End’ and here his style is almost Hitchcockian as the 30s theme gives the some class. This is twinned with a toasty 60s diner, something more reminiscent of modern day film with warm yet muted colours nicely contrasted with sharp black and white.

Lead singer Alex Starling takes the key acting role in a story revolving around a television acting as a dimensional portal. However it is the cinematography that is the real focus and although maybe it isn’t quite as good as the likes of ‘This is Hardcore’ it is certainly something that will cheer you up should it surprise you on a video channel full of reprocessed bore. The song almost takes a back seat to the multi-styling camera work but should it be listened to separately it is just as diverse in its own rights. Steady and calm with pleasant vocals that will leave you hoping that this band and song do not in fact become ‘underrated’.

This video has no miming or distressing drama, which for me makes it a success all round for ‘The Ghosts’ and Alex Kyrou.


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