New Video: Tashaki Miyaki – Tonight

It’s always great when a song opens with what sounds like a monk chanting and subsequently screaming across an echoed landscape. After this dies down, the song’s enthralling yet slow paced guitar riff comes into the fore and just like the peculiar video; the vocals are pretty enthralling too.

For a pretty slow and monotonous track, it’s quite a captivating listen and the chorus is genuinely catchy. It’s similar to the video, with the sleek and unassuming style fused with sinister undertones, and a slow rhythm which keeps you engaged all the way through the track.

The guitar solo oozes along, and will be lapped up by fans of Yuck and Sonic Youth and the song as a whole feels like it is harking back to those bands from the 1990’s who were entrancing yet without a care, and that’s certainly a good thing.

Tashaki Miyaki – Tonight (Official Video) from Juan Iglesias on Vimeo.

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