New Video: My Tiger My Timing – The Gold Rush

With their début album, Celeste, recently released on their own label, My Tiger My Timing, a New Wave Pop band from New Cross, took their usual D.I.Y. approach in making the video for  its single, The Gold Rush. They asked friends and fans to submit clips based on what the song meant to them, which were then assembled into a montage.

So it’s unsurprising that the resulting video looks as though it were made for YouTube, but between the things we’ve seen a thousand times before on the internet, such as lip-syncing to a song, and a stop-motion animated Lego man (he is drumming), there are still parts that stand out.

The actual song is much better. Synthesisers create hooks that pull you through the whole song. Lyrics such as “You think you know someone so well/But you don’t even know yourself” are simple but effective, especially with vocalist Anna Vincent’s voice, which is easy to listen to, yet has a subtle, feisty seductiveness that stops The Gold Rush from being just another pop song to be quickly forgotten.

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