New Video: Kites – This Jumped Up Boy In Livery

Describing their sound as “melodramatic provocation for discontented dreamers”, London based outfit Kites initially seem to have played into the connotations of their name a tad too literally; their heads in the clouds and in dire need of being brought back to earth with a bump. However, pretension and hyperbole are part and parcel of the music industry, and Kites’ description will have the art rock crowd going ga ga, even more so when they hear new single ‘This Jumped Up Boy in Livery’ which features ‘pop-poet’ Matthew doing his best impression of a young Morrissey over some dreamy, clinical electronica that should appeal to fans of New Order and Erasure. Synthetic in nature, (although that’s supposed to be the point) yet intriguing and thoughtful, if you’re after a gateway to ‘electro fop-pop’, Kites are worth grabbing hold of.

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