New Video: Ethan Ash – Make You Smile

Ethan Ash is a an acoustic, emotional thief, stealing the hearts of millions with his new EP ‘Playing by numbers’ out October 1st, the small 6 piece collection sends you on an emotional roller coaster, turning the soppiest love song into an upbeat toe tapper, that would be on my iPod playlist, if I missed the bus and had to walk home, which for an avid rock fan is quite impressive, so right off the bat let me tell you, this kid has something special.

The EP joins picked acoustic and a bass which in ‘Playing by Numbers’ make the perfect pair resulting in a track like ‘Wouldn’t get through’ that brings into play cool blues guitar solos, that walk hand in hand with the bass all through the song, this theme is common all the way through the EP, it’s also shown in another great song from the short collection by the name of ‘Would you mind’, a love song about a regular guys pure love for his beloved which ends in a melodic full on grove involving all the band, which is a real ear catcher I really love how this EP all though on paper this may not be my cup of tea, Ethan in his own unique way has gained a fan from his own sound and not relied on a gimmick, just an ordinary guy with a guitar, great voice and superb lyrical ability, so it’s no wonder he has support from the BBC and was made iTunes song of the week. Ethan Ash’s Debut EP Playing by Numbers has certainly played the right card.

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