New Music: Menomena – Capsule

The veteran, esoteric outfit Menomena return as a two piece act with this new single, “Capsule” which is a fierce, swaggering piece of music that is as surreal as it is rocky.

A massive, crunchy guitar riff opens the track. The levels are all over the place and the distortion wipes out most of the notes, you can almost see the air blurring with the heat of the guitars.  Then the track settles down as dreamy, bizarre lyrics float into the track like smoke.

It’s a hugely striking opening to the track which then meanders on with flutes, saxophones, sweet drum work and the same, jagged toothed guitar that opens the track up.  Meanwhile the lyrics are strange but potent, adding to the surreal landscape.

The band are known for their exciting artwork on their albums , matching and complimenting their brazen, arty music.

Worth listening to for the opening alone, “Capsule” is hopefully a great sign of the coming album

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