New Music: Fun Adults – Sap Solid/Acacia

After the nearly instant popularity of “’Til Sleep” early this year, fans have been eagerly awaiting Fun Adult’s debut album, Tough Love. The bad news is that they’re still waiting. The good news? Fun Adults is releasing “Sap Solid/Acacia,” their debut single (7”/download) from the album, on Oct. 15.

For those of you who fell in love with “’Til Sleep,” you won’t be disappointed in “Sap Solid/Acacia,” a two-track combination single. Thus far, the Leeds band has been quite consistent with its art, including both songs and the artwork for the band. The oil-painted artwork is very abstract – earthy and primary colors take the form of indefinite shapes that blur together to create a full picture. And if there were a visual representation of “Sap Solid/Acacia,” that would describe it perfectly.

“Sap Solid/Acacia” starts off with a light, calming, percussion-heavy sound. The mood shifts slightly when the airy vocals begin, channeling an almost Eastern-world sound, but the band maintains the calmness throughout. The music is translucent, yet carries some weight in the percussion. The beat fosters dancing, but also promotes calm reflection. Then as “Sap Solid/Acacia” transitions into the second half of the single, the band layers bits of electronic melodies over the pre-existing composition.

Fun Adults spent the summer making music in a 200-year-old barn, which they renovated and turned into their personal recording studio. “If our sound is anything, it’s a marriage of our electronic and acoustic influences,” Declan Pleydell-Pearce (guitar and vocals) said in an interview with Wonderland Magazine. “We won’t ‘do an electronic track,’ or vice versa, but there’s a sense that anything that came out of us would naturally include both, as that’s frankly what we love and listen to.”

Emily Thompson


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