New Music: Colt 45 – Everybody Will Let You Down

It’s peculiar to think that even now, there are new bands who seemingly take Nirvana as their main reference point and on the back of “Everybody Will Let You Down”, Colt 45 certainly seem to be one. Though it could easily be Pearl Jam, or Foo Fighters, hell it could even by Andrew W.K..

The point is this sort of grunge has been knocking around for a while, there is little here that hasn’t been done before- the gruff vocals, the brute guitar riffs, the ‘emotions’.  And not only has it been done before but it’s been done better. The song gives off a ‘B-Movie-ish’ vibe off in how derivative and schlocky it is; the chord sequences are familiar from the off and the cheap lyrics often just fit the metre resulting in a somewhat comic attempt to awkwardly fit them in.

On the whole the song is catchy if a bit simple, and the instrumental bridge shows that the band have an understanding of the power of dynamics. If you like grunge it’s likely this song will sit well with you.

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