Morain – Are We Lost (E.P. Review)

Formed in 2011, Morain are a four-piece group made up of Wil Frost (vocals and guitar), Sam Humble (bass), Jim Allard (guitar), and Jamie Matax (drums). For the past year they’ve been making waves on the live scene as they wrote material for this EP. Are We Lost is available now as a free download through Indigo Records, and

For a band only beginning their career, Morain have an accomplished and polished melodic rock sound. The four tracks on debut EP, Are We Lost, are instantly likeable, filled with catchy choruses and infectious hooks. The sound is quite similar to bands such as Kings of Leon, but the impressive, anthemic instrumentation, and fraught vocals provided by Wil Frost, give the band their own distinctive spin on an already heavily-tread sonic terrain. The highlights on the EP are powerful opener Are We Lost, and lead single Animals.

This EP is a definite must-download and it may be free, but I will happily fork out the money for a full LP from Morain when the time arrives.

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