House of Hats – Rivers Will (EP Review)

The Brighton based quartet ‘House of Hats’ have revealed their second EP ‘Rivers Will Run’. The band have already been on the bill for some great festivals, including a headlining slot at the prestigious ‘Cambridge Folk Festival’ and are accumulating a loyal fan base.

‘Rivers Will Run’ is a very easy going EP, as a whole it makes for some relaxed listening with beautifully harmonised vocals and flowing guitar riffs. The first song with the same title has a more country western feel to it than the rest of them. It also has an official video on YouTube which goes perfect with the song as it features the band playing home-made instruments out in the forest; very cute and indie. Second track, ‘Gold’, is a softer acoustic number, a much more intimate song as it features more of Noddy, the female vocalist. It’s sort of romantic with really pretty lyrics about two people running away together and describing their time together as gold. It’s probably my favourite song out of the four; I think it’s just lovely. ‘Gold’ is then followed by ‘Never Lost’, a slightly more upbeat number with perfect harmonised vocals from Alex and Noddy. It even has a little bit of harmonica in there giving it a bit of a bluegrass feel. Last on the EP is ‘Home is Where the Heart is’, which is more like a ballad compared to the other three; it has primary instrument is a sombre piano and Noddy’s husky voice delivering some powerful lyrics about her heartache. It reminded me a little of Fleetwood Mac mixed with Simon and Garfunkel. The EP as a whole is really quite impressive, I think it shows off the talent of the band as a whole with music, vocals and song writing; totally recommend it.

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