Gabriel Bruce – Perfect Weather

Gabriel Bruce – Perfect Weather (Single Review)

Loud and orchestral, utterly resplendent- Gabriel Bruce is destined for greatness even more so following his new song ‘Perfect Weather’. Kept modern with an electronic beat, it still keeps his iconic ridiculously deep vocals. His rolling voice cuts into the song- every line he sings seeming like poetry, so much so that it’s almost impossibly to choose the best: ‘The sunlight is the smile upon your lips’ or ‘you wander your fingertips down the staircase of my spine’(I may have decided on the latter). The chorus has the feel of a church gospel choir and makes the track happier than his previous single ‘Sleep Paralysis’- it’s anthemic ‘we couldn’t hope for more perfect weather’ and puts you automatically into a good mood. Gabriel acts the committed, loving partner promising you everything and saying how he’ll give you all and stand by your side- and, by God, I am going to stand by his.

Isabel Bryant

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