What to Watch – Week Commencing 20th Aug

 Monday 20th Aug

Our War (Series 2 Episode 1) – BBC3 9:00pm

“Documentary exploring the conflict in Afghanistan through the words and pictures of soldiers, with footage providing an insight into a daring mission conducted deep inside enemy lines. The 100-strong Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment is deployed into one of the most dangerous areas in Helmand, tasked with protecting a vital road link against the increased use of improvised explosive devices by Taliban fighters.”

Tuesday 21st Aug

Person of Interest (Series 1 Episode 2) – Channel 5 9:00pm

“Reese is perplexed when the machine assigns him to investigate a teenage girl who was reported dead two years previously – but Finch refuses to accept his system could have made a mistake, and insists they try to find out what really happened to her. However, as the duo try to get to the bottom of the case, Detective Carter delves into their backgrounds.”

Person of Interest is brilliant. Created by Jonathon Nolan, starring Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ) and Michael Emerson (The bug-eyed one from Lost) it’s very much like The Minority Report based in present day. By the premise (An ex CIA agent, and Scientist team up together to prevent crimes before they happen with the use of The Machine), you’d be forgiven for thinking the case-of-the-week could become stale quite quickly but this just isn’t the case. Each week offers intriguing and complex cases, and it’s great to watch the relationship of Mr Rees (Mysteries) and Finch develop.

Wednesday 22nd Aug

The Revolution Will Be Televised (Series 1 Episode 1) – BBC3 10:00pm

“New series. Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein perform satirical sketches lampooning arrogance, hypocrisy and greed in public life. In the first edition, Dale Maily meets members of the Occupy movement in London, a group tries to make Tony Blair a saint, and regular characters James and Barnaby attend the Liberal Democrat conference. Plus, jokes at the expense of bankers, a clothing chain and foreign embassies.”

Want to see ‘various politicians, avaricious multinationals, the odd celeb and tax-shy billionaires’ get horrendously pranked? Of course you do, is there anymore reason not to tune in?

Thursday 23rd Aug

Superheroes (Premiere) – Sky Atlantic 9:00pm

Documentary telling the stories of people who set out to emulate the adventures of comic-book heroes, donning outlandish costumes as they fight crime and perform good deeds. Featuring contributions from a clinical psychologist, a veteran police officer concerned about the dangers of vigilantism, and Spider-Man creator Stan Lee.”

There’s been a point in all our lives, when we wish we could have dressed up as our favourite superheroes, go out on a crusade against injustice and become a shining paragon of humanity that the world desperately needs.

For many of us those dreams are swiftly ended when we realise we don’t have a billion dollar metal suit to don, or access to training from The League of Shadows. Then there are some who leave reasoning and logic behind, and go for it anyway.

Superheroes should be a real treat.

Friday 24th Aug

Wilfred (Series 2 Episode 2) – BBC3 9:00pm

“Ryan remains obsessed with Jenna, while Wilfred’s recovery reveals a competitive streak.”

Wilfred is strange, strange yet extremely funny. As long as you can get over the whole ‘Ryan-sees-his-neighbours-dog-as-a-man-in-a-dog-suit’ thing. What’s more, Wilfred also manages to offer the odd thought provoking moments.

Elijah Wood, who I still think of as a Hobbit whenever I see him (Let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) is a surprisingly good comic lead; there’s lovely chemistry with co-star Jason Gann.

Saturday 25th Aug

Inspector Montalbano (Series 2 Episode 1) – BBC4 9:00pm

“Italian detective drama, based on the novels by Andrea Camilleri, starring Luca Zingaretti as the curmudgeonly Sicilian police inspector. Montalbano finds a decomposing body in the water during one of his habitual morning swims, which leads him to investigate the unsavoury world of international child trafficking.”

I know what you’re thinking, “another procedural drama” but Inspector Montalbano is a bit of a gem. Personally, I think we should be treated to a lot more imported drama from our European cousins.  After an extremely well received first series, the Beeb have acquired series 2 of the impressive Inspector Montalbano.

Containing excellent cinematography displaying Sicily in all its splendour, genuine humorous three-dimensional characters, Inspector Montalbano is just what the TV doctor ordered.


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