St. Spirit – Build a Life – Single Review

St. Spirit – Build a Life – Single Review

The South London post-rock band St. Spirit originally released ‘Build a Life’ as a demo in September 2011. This re-recorded and re-mixed version, engineered by Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters, U2) is, band member Myles McCabe says, about “human reproductive processes, the proliferation and evolution of humanity in relation to modern contraceptive procedures and self-destructive human behaviours.” The song’s video is an animation featuring a man swimming under the sea along with what appears to be a dying octopus/squid, and ends with a boat being caught in a violent storm.

The song doesn’t hold up too well on its own, though. ‘Build a Life’ tries to slowly build tension with increasingly melodramatic (i.e. whiny) singing and more volume. However, this seems to be ‘Build a Life’s only trick and has already run out of steam by the end, when it goes into overdrive, the song at its loudest, for no other reason, it seems, than St. Spirit not being able to come up with a better ending. This, along with some questionable lyrics such as “Build a life if you can stomach it/Build it and love it/And try” means that, although the music video is okay, if a little pedestrian, the actual music is disappointing.

Daniel Garlick


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