New Video: Any Color Black – Sex & Love

Some taste combinations were made in heaven; fish and chips, cheese and pickle, the list is endless. In America a breakfast staple is bacon on pancakes with maple syrup, a challenge to the pallet as two very different tastes are combined, the same can of course be said for Glasgow’s world famous deep fried mars bar. Another product of Scotland’s largest city are elctro-rock band Any Colour Black and just like a chocolate bar deep fried in batter, their combination of genre’s leave you confused, is this the greatest thing ever or is a heart attack something you’d rather avoid?

The fact is that debut single ‘You’, off album ‘Sex & Love’ is much more like the high calorie treat than we first thought. It’s tasty, don’t get us wrong it tastes good, but there is a sense of guilt as you enjoy it due to the knowledge that actually, there are better tasting things out there. The track, and album, is remixed by ‘Bluestone and Loverush’ which transforms the punky rock origins into a dancefloor song which no doubt will find its way into nightclubs. But still the guilt.

This is by no means the first time rock and electro have been combined and on this occasion the remix’s are solid and energetic, in a way they carry the song, it is the instrument based skeleton that makes you question the taste. Take Bring me the Horizon. They released a Cut Up version of their Suicide Season album getting in a selection of top artists to remix each track with spectacular results, proving that a relationship between these genres is more than possible, it is all in the execution. And in that instance Suicide Season is Heston’s Blumenthal’s snail porridge compared to Any Colour Black’s deep fried mars bars. Both taste good when neither should, but with the first you know you are tasting class, considerably less so with the second.

I feel I am being harsh on the Glaswegian duo, their songs are exciting and racy, and although that is mostly courtesy of the remix the vocal is reliable and the melodies catchy, but in a true Simon Cowell cliché they do just not have the X Factor we are looking for. If you are in Glasgow we recommend you check them out but in the same way that a battered chocolate bar is a onetime experience when in Scotland, we don’t recommend you try ‘You’ every single day.

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