New Music: Steel Trees – Stoner Zombie Killer Kids

‘Stoned Zombie Killer Kids’ is a bit of a ludicrous, nothing song and it feels like that from the off. A song named as such is setting itself up for a fall. It’s a lack lustre song. Music should be created because you simply love music and your style should evoke that- this is a loaded song but it’s loaded with overly loud drum beats, unoriginal guitar riffs and lyrics that are lacking passionand drab. For a song about drugs it isn’t too psychedelic, it needs a dose of the Magical Mystery Tour or, for a more recent album, MGMT’s Congratulations. The thing that makes those songs great is how dreamy and spaced out they are; they also have an ambiguity to them and their lyrics but saying ‘we’re wasted out together, we’re wasted out forever’ leaves little to the imagination. The fade out finish is more ghostly and eerie- it changes the sound of the drumming to a more Joy Division quality- which I would have made the whole track sound like. Luckily, it does end on this more trancelike section so you don’t leave it feeling wholly dismal. The lead singer’s groaning, rumble of a voice is the one redeeming feature but the chorus changes this singular highlight into a brawling shout. If you’re in a bad mood, it would make a pretty good venting song but, personally, it just feels like noise for the sake of noise.

Isabel Bryant

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