New Music: Great Pagans – Teenage Silhouettes

Great Pagans come from a perfectionist label- they haven’t quite reached perfectionism yet but they’re well on their way. ‘Teenage Silhouettes’ is full of all the right ingredients: the opening guitar is 1980’s Johnny Marr floweriness; the bass is smooth and polished; the harmonising voices are clear, crisp and reminiscent of, 2012’s band to watch, Django Django; the drumming is unassuming. They don’t bombard you with one singular instrument, instead each instrument melts into the other to produce a fully integrated sound where every part needs the other to work. The guitar link into the loud section sounds like Bombay Bicycle Club on ‘ A Different Kind of Fix’ but the song has quite an individual feel. The same lines are repeated over and over ‘she said sit tight and get over me, other girls will love you as much as me’ – it’s very effective, very clever and it makes the song memorable. The track goes gentler at the ending so the transition feels natural- the song pulls you along and it moves effortlessly. It is quick stepping for a long song- it keeps the pace going. ‘Teenage Silhouettes’ isn’t the absolute best thing you’ll hear this year but it has promise. It’s good and it just works.

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