New Music: Egyptian Hip-Hop – SYH

The idea of Egyptian hip-hop is a tad hard to perceive when you consider the land of the pharaohs is most famous for mouldy mummys and currently, violent revolution. The daft name makes more sense when you realise that it is the product of four Mancunian teenagers who have just released the first single ‘SYH’ from debut album ‘Good Don’t Sleep’, scheduled for release in October on R&S Records.

Built around a rhythmic synth melody topped off with upbeat drum clatters and breathless vocal delivery, the track bumbles along with a vaguely drunken feel, encapsulating the feel of hipster youthful exuberance until a brief detour into jazzy John Carpenter style waters alleviates the feeling that songwriting chops need to be honed before the music stops abruptly just shy of five minutes in.

A smart grasp of rhythm demonstrates promise but more is needed to set these lads apart from the crowd. A less irreverent name wouldn’t hurt either.

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