New Music: Allo Darlin’ – Golden Age

As far as breezy folk pop goes, the B-side is a super-catchy little gem. The lead singer, Elizabeth Morris, has such a clear and sweet voice, almost too familiar and very person lyrics, that match perfectly with the light hearted riffs of ‘Golden Age’. The song itself is so summery it could be a soundtrack in itself to a lazy day down the beach, or just chilling out with your mates. It has that bubbly pop feel to it, which should really be prioritised on a new album to showcase that this band aren’t all just cooing voices and ukuleles.  I think the song should actually be considered as a single, it’s much more upbeat than ‘Northern Lights’, which isn’t surprising as it was written about spending New Years Eve in Sweden. Not exactly a riveting song inspiration but each to their own I suppose. I think the bands up and coming tour should receive quite a bit of attention as they have already boasted some fun-filled live shows, probably worth a look in as this is their most high profile tour to date and from what I’ve heard, their new album is worth a listen.

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