Leeds Festival (Review)

As it was my second time at Leeds festival, I was really apprehensive because of the disgraceful weather last year. Not that it compares to T in the Park, we weren’t swimming in mud, merely wading. However, nothing was going to put me off this year’s unbelievable line up.

Friday was a great day, minus the terrible hangover I had from Thursday night’s silent disco. Highlights were definitely Bullet for My Valentine and Kaiser Chiefs. Bullet for having the same rich and authentic sound they do in their records, a pleasure to watch. Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson is an insane front-man and was utterly compelling to watch and well engaged with the audience. Don’t think I’ve ever sang the lines ‘Oh my god I can’t believe it, I’ve never been this far away from home’ so many times in all my life. The obvious highlight of Friday was the Foo Fighters. A dusting of rain dampened no spirits as Dave and the boys literally ripped through and entire set of sing along classics.  This was followed by a blistering finale of ‘Everlong’ and confetti resembling fake $100 bills, it was an absolutely mesmerising set.

Saturday had a very chilled out atmosphere in the main arena, a more mature audience had gathered for the beautiful headliners ‘The Cure’. Crystal Castles were a refreshing change to the main stage, injecting some electro 8-bit dance music to the masses. Even though lead singer Alice Glass got swallowed by the crowd twice because she was so inebriated. Anyway, Paramore were absolutely electric, a perfect way to get the crowd going before the Cure. Hayley Williams was so exciting to watch and had everyone in the crowd singing along with the punchy guitar riffs. I WAS SO PUMPED UP FOR THE CURE! Then The Cure came on and I sort of lost interest. As they are a more mature band they are of little words, most songs had such dreary guitar riffs revolving around the same four chords. A true fan would have appreciated them. They were a bit of a disappointing finish to an otherwise enthralling day.

Sunday was a day I wasn’t so keen on. Friday and Saturday would be hard acts to follow. Feeder were a great act, also because they were playing in the Festival Republic tent it was more intimate, they gave a really brilliant rock sound and people were queuing outside the tent to try and get in the action. A surprising act was Katy B, she was playing in the dance tent and her voice is phenomenal. She’s not shy in talking to the audience, getting them involved with the DJ’s and evoking an electric reaction from us. As headliners, I think Kasabian seem to be a safe bet for any festival. They put on a good show, for some reason for the finale (‘Fire’), the band came on dressed as skeletons with loads of skeleton dancers and had to whole crowd cooing along with them. Great heavy guitars and powerful vocals added some attitude to polish off an amazing weekend.

I’d seriously recommend Leeds Festival, not on music alone as the friendly atmosphere and the Yorkshire folk were really welcoming. The stages and tents cater to every genre and have a rich array of fantastic bands and artists, always an amazing time.

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