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Ken Stringfellow – Doesn’t It Remind You Of Something

New Ken Stringfellow (feat. Charity Rose Thielen).

Gram n’ Emmylou, George n’ Tammy, Johnny n’ June, Dolly n’ Ken, Nancy n’ Lee……The roll call of duets chronicling the rocky road of romance is as vast as the plains. This country-tinged taster from Stringfellow’s forthcoming album Danzig In The Moonlight pays homage to the twinkle & sawdust of such pairings (The Head & the Heart’s Charity Rose Thielen is the co-star here). Doesn’t It Remind You Of Something? starts out as a woozy lament with acoustic guitar chords, a slo-mo pendulum swinging between the star-crossed lovers. Augmented by inebriated fiddle and Wurlitzer electric piano, the song sneakily swells into string-stroked refinement, like finding diamonds in the coal, redemption in a dive bar.  Beginning as a scuzzy miniature, it haplessly travels to Nevada , Arizona, before stumbling on the realization that the ‘kiss that feels like a bruise, the face that beats up your dreams’, has a nagging grace that’s awful hard to shake off.

An alt-rock Zelig, Stringfellow was co-founder of power pop group The Posies. He has graced albums and stages with big game players such as Big Star, REM, Patti Smith and Neil Young, as well as relative newcomers like Snow Patrol & fellow Seattle scenesters, Mudhoney & Damien Jurado. His talents are equally manifold: singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, arranger, producer & engineer. Stringfellow’s  fourth solo album, recorded at Brussels’ ICP studios with an eclectic crew, musicians from Spain, Italy, Mumbai and elsewhere, promises to be a vari-coloured offering. But for now this slice of well-worn Americana hits the spot. Far from sounding like a genre exercise, it’s whiskey-soaked, bitter-sweet back and forth comes off like Grand Ol’ Opry verite.

The new album “Danzig in the Moonlight” is out on October 1st.