Gary War – Eye In the Sky (Single Review)

Strange, unsettling, clever and artistic; these are all good adjectives for describing the new single by Gary War.  Based on the original by the Alan Parsons Project, Gary War has written and performed a rather interesting new take on this track.

A soft, electronica beat is accompanied by strangled and muted vocals which are so choppy you can barely make out a single word.  The whole track is like some sort of surreal disco where slow, ambient beats drift above an unintelligible chorus.

The original is a much more straight forward pop song, dated, predictable but much easier to identify with.  The trouble with Gary War’s version is that it is hard to enjoy.  Music can be challenging and some of the better albums are far from enjoyable.  But this track just exists, it’s far from fun to listen to, it creates a mood of uncertainty but as mood music it works well.  But aside from being an interesting and bold experiment, it’s not really that much fun to have on.

Can you imagine getting home from work and thinking “Yeah, that’s what I want.  I want that track that makes me feel all paranoid and uncertain.”

Well, if you answered yes then this is track will be right in your wheel-house.

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