The Killing Series 2 – Episode 12 ‘’Donnie or Marie’’

So here we have the penultimate episode of series 2 and what a fantastic one it was! Last week left us on tenterhooks as Linden and Holder thought they finally had proof against Mayor Adams. However things took an unexpected turn when the bloody key card actually leads them into Richmond’s campaign room!

This week’s episode picked up just as last weeks left off. Linden and Holder are watching the news about the election in Richmond’s office, and discover he has gone public with his alibi, leaving only two people with the power and connections to be linked to Rosie’s murders; Gwen and Jamie.

The police get in the building and chase the pair into Mayor Adams office, Linden tries to persuade Adams to agree to a deal – call off the arrest warrant and they won’t go public with the doctored photo he used to try to frame Richmond. Adams agrees to make a deal and let Linden pursue the case uninterrupted.

At the Larsen house things are tense as Stan talks to Mitch. Mitch apologises but Stan tells her that the only thing matters is that she is home. When Terry and the boys arrive home they are shocked to see Mitch but welcome her back. Tommy is angry with his mum and goes straight to his room.

Holder and Linden speculate about the motives Gwen and Jamie would have to kill Rosie. Holder does not believe that Gwen would have the courage to go to such lengths; however Linden reminds him that Rosie died in a very passive way, one that could easily have been planned by a woman. Whilst looking through their alibis Holder notes that Jamie went to the gym in the early hours of the morning the night Rosie died, and the security guard at the gym noted that Jamie had forgotten his key card – So am I right, was it sneaky Jamie all along?

Day 25 of the case is also Election Day, and Richmond’s campaign is taking a beating as a result of his sudden revelation and Gwen worries that they have no chance in winning. Holder checks Jamie’s alibi with his grandfather who still claims that Jamie was at home all night. Linden speaks to the guy in charge of issuing key cards and discovers that a list of key card holders was deleted from his computer the day after Rosie’s murder; he also reveals that Gwen had asked for a replacement card. Maybe Gwen and Jamie did this together!

The pair head to the casino to get the CCTV footage. While they wait for Nicole they see a photograph of the casino opening on the wall. Linden spots Gwen in the photo and begins to question her relationship with Nicole and Michael Ames. They speak to Councilwoman Yitanes and she suggests that Gwen is not to be trusted.

Holder notices that one of Michael Ames’ companies isn’t partnered with his wife. Linden figures that Ames was using this company to screw over both the Mayor and his wife so that he could be with Terry. Linden has questions to ask about this company and learns that after only a month the company has been approved to be bid on by city contract as there had been interest within the Richmond campaign – but it was Jamie who sent the email, not Gwen. They question Jamie but he brushes it off explaining that he did it to help out Ames and give Richmond another potential ally. Linden thinks Gwen and Jamie were working together and that the dinner cancellation and break in at the waterfront project the night Rosie was murdered was no coincidence.

In the garage Stan is relieved to hear about Janek’s death on the radio. Mitch comes to talk to him about the house he bought, Stan suggests they use it as a fresh start but Mitch declines explaining that she came home because she wanted to be there and not leave Rosie behind.

Linden and Holder visit the Yacht club where Gwen had her reservation; they check the valet list and find out that Gwen had been checked in driving the same campaign car that Rosie was found in. They go to speak to Gwen who explains she had used the car but then swapped it for her own when she visited Richmond.

At Richmond’s office the team anxiously wait to hear the latest polls and are pleased to find that he is not far behind Adams. Richmond decides to call it a day, but as he leaves the office he gets a mysterious phone call. He looks over at Jamie and Gwen then asks ‘What do you want?’ – Who is it on the phone? Someone else must know something they shouldn’t!

At Holders the pair study the photograph from the casino; Linden notices that the head of security also had a broken hand like Roberta. Roberta is brought down to the station and Linden asks about her hand. Holder explains that the head of security was now in a mental hospital after claiming that Nicole was framing her for murder. Linden warns her that Nicole will do the same to her and the only way to stop it is to give them the missing CCTV footage. They begin to look through the footage from the 10th floor elevator and see Rosie, Nicole, Michael Ames and Jamie all individually making their way up.

Richmond makes his way to an unfamiliar house, he speaks to a man who asks him to wait and listen to wait he has to say. A little later Jamie arrives at the house and is shocked to see Richmond who asks ‘’Why did you lie to me Jamie?’’ I knew it! So Jamie was involved after all! I wonder who this man is and what he knows.

Ahhhh this is too exciting I cannot believe that the next time we tune in we will finally know how and why Rosie was killed. I’m sure you have your theories just like me but I guess we will just have to tune into the last episode of The Killing!

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