The Killing Series 2 Episode 11 “Bulldog”

Straight from her emotional release from the psychiatric ward Linden is right back on the case. Determined to find out Mayor Adams link with the meeting between Michael Ames and Nicole Jackson Linden insists to Holder that they must obtain the blood stained key card. Holder suggests that they better get a federal warrant before trying to go back to the casino and Linden agrees.

At the Richmond campaign the team celebrate after learning that they are only 2 points down from Mayor Adams. Adams is less than impressed and orders his PA to dig out some dirt of the Rosie Larsen case which can be used to his advantage.
Linden and Holder turn up to talk to Jamie and Gwen; the pair begin to persuade Gwen to help in gaining them access to the casino by asking her father to issue the warrant. They explain that this could help Richmond win his campaign.

At the Larsen house things are slightly more back to normal, Terry is back staying with them and helping with looking after the boys. Stan is elated after receiving a phone call from the estate agent to let them though that an offer is placed on the house he had planned to move the family into – the first piece of good news he has had in a while i guess!
Downstairs Terry looks for some paper in one of Stan’s draw and unfortunately comes face to face with the pictures taken from Rosie’s crime scene. She looks horrified which is understandable no one wants to see that sort of thing – I can’t help but think there is still something dodgy with Terry though..hmm..

Gwen travels to see her father, he is very angry that she left her job to come back to the Richmond campaign. Gwen explains that she needs to warrant, her father does not seem very willing to help until Gwen threatens to blackmail him which could cost his career.
Mayor Adams visits Richmond’s office, and explains to Richmond that he knows all about his alibi for the night of Rosie’s death. He gives Richmond an ultimatum; resign from the race by 9pm or he will let everyone know what went on.
Gwen and Jamie return to the office to find Richmond somewhat bewildered, he orders them to get all staff to attend the rally as he will be announcing his withdrawal from the race. The pair question what Adams must have said to stop him, Richmond confesses why and declines in taking Jamie’s offer to make a new spin out of the situation. Jamie is angry and walks out and Gwen follows. The pair have a heart to heart – I wish they would just get back together!

Holder manages to get a warrant from the judge and the pair along with an extensive team of officers go into the casino to search the construction site.

Yanek arrives with his men, including Alexi, at the Larsen house to talk to Stan about putting out a hit on someone. Stan declines and tells Yanek that he already killed for Piotyr as part of the deal and that he didn’t have to do anything else. Alexi overhears the conversation and looks very angry – I wonder if we are to expect more from Alexi?
Yanek inavertently threatens Stan suggesting that something could happen to his boys should he not comply.
Stan goes to meet Terry and the boys at the park, they talk about the house and Terry gets upset before explaining that she and Michael had been looking at places too. Stan tells Terry that if anything should happen to him that he wants her to take care of the boys, Terry is confused as to why he would even say that but agrees that she would always take care of them.

At the casino the lead FBI investigators demand to see all the video footage, while Linden wants the newly added floor in the room where she found the key card torn up. The team search underneath the floor boards and it seems that nothing can be found. Linden and Holder leave and in the car Holder worryingly states that the search was their last hope, Linden looks at him and smiles pulling out a plastic pouch with the bloodstained key card in from her pocket. Holder questions why they haven’t given it in as evidence, Linden explains that they cannot trust anyone and that this must be done by them.
At the casino Roberta shows Nicole some of the security footage taken after Linden and Holder ended their search. It shows the pair walking into the elevator, Linden who is stood behind Holder pulls out something from her pocket and raises it to the camera smiling – it is of course the key card! Nicole becomes very angry and hurts Roberta, she then makes a phone call and exclaims ‘’They have got your key card’’ – ooh I wonder who it is!
At the mayor’s office Adam calls a meeting with Lt Carlson, he asks him to deal with Linden by getting her off the streets till the end of the campaign. Carlson explains that he has already done everything in his power; Adams tries to bribe him with a job promotion. He is an evil man this Mayor Adams!

After hearing a call on Holders police radio Linden becomes aware that they are being tailed. Holder makes quick move with the car and the police lose track of them, however they are still tracking Lindens cell.

Stan arrives at the house of the man that Janek wants dead. He walks up behind him as the man gets into his car but spots a baby. Stan looks upset; he grabs the man and threatens him with a gun. Instead of carrying out the hit he warns the man that Yanek knows he leaked information and tells him he and his family get away as soon as they can.
Meanwhile Janek gets into his car and feels a gun at the back of his head, he thinks it is Stan but it’s actually Alexi; he shoots Janek in the head finally getting revenge for his father’s death. Woohoo!

At the rally Richmond is overwhelmed by the large amount of people to turn up to support him. As a result he makes a swift decision to not announce his stepping down from the race but rather explain his whereabouts the night Rosie died. The crowd seem shocked, Jamie thinks that he has made a big mistake but Gwen is impressed by his honesty.

Linden and Holder are stopped outside county hall by Lt Carlson. He tries to persuade them to stop but is surprised when Linden presents him with the key card. He decides to turn a blind eye and let them go in to carry on their investigation. Linden can use the key card throughout the building, but it doesn’t work when they reach Mayor Adams office. She decides to try Richmond’s office across the hall and this time it does work – so it is someone who is working on the Richmond campaign? I think my theory just might be true!

Stan drives home and is pleased to see Tommy, Danny and Terry having fun trick or treating. He goes inside and is startled by someone  in the kitchen… yes you guessed it Mitch has finally decided to come home!

Well what a fantastically enthralling episode that was, I just love how everything is finally coming together and we are just so close after all this time in finding out who killed Rosie Larsen! Make sure you check out the next episode!

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