Ones to Watch: Bentcousin

Bentcousin are made up of ‘twins’ Pat and Amelia, coming from Brighton and London. They are full of catchy guitar riffs, totally raw indie music.

They have a lot of personality and attitude, which comes through on songs like ‘I Quit You’, which is about a pretty nasty break up. Amelia’s voice has an air of Lily Allen and Kate Nash about it. You can really hear the thick English accent; it really adds charm to their music. You really get the same level of vocals with Pat on the track ‘Felicity’. It has a really choppy guitar riff and catchy lyrics; it could remind you of a good Libertines song, totally English and indie.

One of their other tracks, ‘Dizzy’, has a lovely guitar melody with Amelia’s voice cooing over the top, it sounds like a real summer tune, that you would like to hear on some speakers over a few chilled cans with your mates. ‘I wanna be your slave’ is more heavy and grungy sounding. The lyrics sound like excerpts from 50 Shades of Grey, it’s utterly filthy and you can’t help but love it.

Bentcousin are really delightful, a refreshing burst of underground indie. I’d like to think they put on a really raw live show, who are definitely a little gem of a band I think will work their way out of Soundcloud and onto the mainstream.


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