New Music: Theme Park – Jamaica

The sun may be missing in action this summer but luckily there are songs like ‘Jamaica’ to provide the illusion of sweltering, lazy afternoons. ‘Jamaica’ is the second single from London quartet Theme Park. The group have yet to release their debut album but they have already been critically lauded, gathering comparisons to such heavyweights of British music as Talking Heads. They also supported Bombay Bicycle Club, and are preparing to support Bloc Party on their tour in October.

‘Jamaica’ begins with soft, ethereal keys and guitars, before breaking into the songs infectious swaggering rhythms, and hook. The track carries a tropical sound which is reminiscent of Vampire Weekend. The comparisons to Talking Heads are also justified but luckily Theme Park do not sink under the weight of such comparisons and instead forge their own distinct sound.

‘Jamaica’ is a playful and uplifting summer track, which will at least provide you with a four minute distraction from the abysmal weather.


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