New Music: Splashh – ‘Need It’

Need It from Splashh reviewed. Check out the video

It has only been three months since Splashh formed in February 2012 and already they have gained quite a following. The quirky band started as the creation of Toto Vivian and Sasha Carlson who’s shared musical tastes influenced them into producing similar music they could share with the UK. The pair assigned the help of their close friends Thomas Beal and Jacob Moore to complete the band and began recording music in a small bedroom in Hackney straight away. Are you excited? Well you should be as the talented foursome are now set to release their first proper track ‘Need It’ via Luv Luv Luv on July 30th and have also treated us to a wonderfully exhilarating music video to go with it.

The track is clearly influenced by the boys varied backgrounds having an uplifting and beachy feel that will make you reminisce of fun summer nights – which is quite nice considering the awful weather here at the moment! ‘Need It’ mixes pure vocals with contemplative lyrics against grungy guitar riffs and lively drum beats that gives a 90s nostalgic essence to the track.

The recently released video for ‘Need It’ is also one not to be missed reflecting the spirit of the song perfectly. The video captures the band in a fun, carefree mood as they run around local streets at night causing mischief with flares, playing a gig at a dark unknown venue, singing whilst driving in a car and generally mucking around with their mates. The video is relatable and is exactly how you want to picture the band acting in real life. I literally found myself staring at the screen and smiling as I recalled similar nights with my mates, it is just brilliant!

‘Need It’ is set for release via Luv Luv Luv on July 30th 2012 and you check out the music video to match the track below.


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