Claudia Brücken & Guests Live At The Scala

Trailer from new live Claudia Brücken DVD and CD.

Commenting on the DVD Claudia says:

I’ve worked, sung and written with some great musicians over the years. After the ‘Combined’ compilation album was released featuring favourite songs I’d sung solo, as part of Propaganda, Act and Onetwo, and in various collaborations, it seemed right to gather everyone together for a special one-off show. That’s not as easy as it seems – getting  Heaven 17, Andy Bell from Erasure, Ralf and Susanne from the original  Propaganda, Andrew Poppy and Paul Humphreys from OMD together at the same time  took some organising. But it happened, and it was filmed, so what turned out to be a pretty unique occasion, filled with some pretty special moments, can permanently exist. It took thirty years for such a show to happen – it won’t take so long for the next one!  There is also a DVD film of what turned out to be some fantastic memories. I called the DVD ‘This Happened’, because it was brilliant that it did, and the show was like a happening, a summing up of my favourite songs, and the fabulous people I’ve worked with. I’m very happy ‘This  Happened’ exists, and I hope you are too.

Out 6th August

‘This Happened’ – DVD Tracklisting


01 Kiss like Ether

02 Sequentia

03 Dr Mabuse – (featuring Susanne Freytag and Ralf Dorper of Propaganda)

04 Absolut[e]

05 Cloud 9

06 Snobbery and Decay – (featuring Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17)

07 Temptation – (featuring Martyn Ware & Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17)

08 When your heart runs out of time – (featuring Martyn Ware and Glenn Gregory)

09 Running up that Hill – (featuring Andrew Poppy)

10 In Dreams – (featuring Andrew Poppy)

11 Dream within a Dream – (featuring Susanne Freytag)

12 p:Machinery – (featuring Susanne Freytag and Ralf Dorper)

13 Night School

14 Light the Way – (featuring Susanne Freytag)

15 Home (Tonight)

16 Delicious – (featuring Andy Bell of Erasure)

17 Absolutely Immune – (featuring Andy Bell)

18 Duel – (featuring Susanne Freytag)

19 Thank you


Extras :

1) Backstage Stills by Glenn Gregory

2) Thank You – Official Video


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