Tom Williams & The Boat – Too Young (Single Review)


Tom Williams and the Boat have just released their third single ‘Too Young’ from their second  album ‘Teenage Blood’.

‘Teenage Blood’ was released on the 22nd April this year and has already been a great success for the band, who have a dedicated and loyal fan following. When ‘Teenage Blood’ was released the band partnered with PledgeMusic and offered their fans a chance to be connected to the album, they offered creative collectibles  and experiences which built the bands appeal massively and their fan base.

The band formed in 2007 and since then have had great success, they began by attracting attention from Radio stations like Radio 1 and then after playing at Glastonbury through the ‘Emerging Talent Competition’ and at Latitude on the Lake Stage, they released their debut album ‘Too Slow’ in February 2011.

The first thing that got me excited about their new single ‘Too Young’ was the video for the song. Handrawn by Tom Williams himself, it is creative, different and also quite personal. It already gave me the impression that this band is not trying to be like anybody else out there, they are unique. The song itself is fresh, invigorating and has a catchy chorus, It has a pop sound, and has catchy guitar riff’s. They are giving a new vibe to British guitar/pop music and their lyrics are new and exciting. ‘Too Young’ is about naivety and it made me feel like a teenager again.

After listening to the song over and over i had the catchy lyrics ‘and i think we’re too young to really know whats going on’  in my head all day. I then had to go and check out the rest of their songs from the album because I wanted more!

Tom Williams writes his lyrics with heart-felt emotion, and his songs have dwelled on broken relationships and emotion.  The band remind me of The Cure with their catchy lyrics. They also have simularities to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Mumford and Sons and also The Kooks.

They have upcoming festival dates planned with Lee Fest in South East London on the 30th June and The Secret Garden Party on the 19th July. Following that the band will be at Bestival this year between September 6th-9th.

They are definetely getting themselves out there and i’m sure that they are going to gain many more fans over the Summer.

Their new single ‘Too Young’ is now available to buy on iTunes and you can check out their website at

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