The Killing Series 2 – Episode 8 “Off the Reservation”


Last week’s episode left us all on tender hooks as we watched Holder get viciously beaten up by Nicole Jackson’s people as Linden listened helplessly on the phone. This week’s episode doesn’t get any better picking up right where we left off as Linden calls into the police station to report that Holder is missing.
Linden and Jack go to Holder’s apartment where she tells Jack to stay whilst she goes out and helps with the search but Jack is reluctant and asks her to stay. However when she receives a phone call that her search warrant of the reservation was denied by Lt Carlson it is clear she must do this alone. She storms down to the police station where she argues with Carlson who tells her that he doesn’t believe her. Linden journeys over to the reservation where she is met by Roberta Drayas who denies letting her find Holder, Linden tells her that back up are on their way just as Carlson and a team of detectives turn up. It seems maybe he isn’t so bad after all?

The team begin their search; the dogs track Holders scent to a slip road where his pez sweet dispenser was found on the floor. It is now day twenty-one as the team of officers including Linden begin looking through a dumping ground hoping to find Holder. After searching with no luck Linden persuades them to continue the search in a different path. Its dawn by this point and Nicole Jackson, Roberta Drayas and their lawyers turn up to stop the search just as one of the dogs picks up the scent on the new path leading them right to a very beaten up Holder. At hospital Holder is stable but has suffered quite a few injuries, his sister comes to talk to Linden, she gives Linden the matchbox that the cleaner from the Casino gave Holder, she tells her that Holder insisted she give it to Linden.

Meanwhile Richmond is faced with the press asking about his whereabouts the night Rosie was killed, Gwen notifies them that he is no longer a suspect and is doing all that he can to help aid the search of the real killer who is still out there. Jamie notifies Richmond that Adams is leading the poles and that this will not change until he lets the press know his alibi for the night of Rosie’s murder.

At the Larsen household the boy’s question Stan about why they cannot be looked after Terry instead of going to their Grandmas house, Stan does not give them an answer and is hostile when their grandfather questions whether Stan’s appearance on television will do the family any good.

Linden goes to the place where the matchstick box told Holder to meet; she arrives at the barber shop owned by the uncle of the cleaner from the casino. Linden asks her who she is, the cleaner whose name is Mary, reveals that she was the one who found Rosie’s backpack. She tells Linden that she found it in the dumpster of the casino when she was taking out the trash and figured she should hand it to Rosie’s family to help find the killer. She goes on to explain that Rosie wasn’t a prostitute and in fact that they had worked together as cleaners, although Rosie often worked the floor as a waitress to make more money.  Linden asks Mary if Rosie was working the night she was killed, Mary replies know that she wasn’t on the schedule which is why she thought it was weird to see Rosie that night getting in an elevator. She suggests that Rosie may have been going up to the 10th floor where they often took cigarette breaks. Linden asks if she had been up there since Rosie was killed, by Mary tells her that ever since that night they all had their keys taken away from them stopping all staff from going up to that floor.

Linden returns to the police station to find Lt Carlson going through her case papers, putting everything in boxes it is very clear that she is being forced to step down as a police officer. Carlson tells her that he must enforce this due to the whole mess with the case and disobeying orders which consequently put her partner in danger. Linden hands in her badge and firearm then leaves without saying a word. On returning to Holders apartment to get Jack Linden finds police officers searching through the apartment, they tell her that Lt Carlson has ordered that she cannot be at the apartment and that Jack had not been there when they arrived. A worried Linden returns to her car and tries to figure out where Jack would have gone realising that he must have gone to see Reggie.

Stan continues to meet up with various people who claim to have a tips on who Rosie’s killer may be, after of many meet ups with no significance he meets a women named Naomi. Naomi tells him about a conversation she had with Rosie about how much she loved Stan, it soon becomes clear that she is another person trying to make money out of the situation.

Gwen and Jamie hear about Mayor Adams plans to collaborate with Nicole Jackson and the waterfront. They decide the only way for Richmond to win the campaign is to steal this opportunity and so they schedule a meeting between Richmond and Nicole. Gwen tells Richmond who is annoyed that they did this without consulting him and does not want to go ahead with this plan. Whilst searching through Richmond draw for some papers Jamie comes across a gun hidden underneath – what is Richmond intending to do?

Linden decides that is it time to give Jack some stability, the pair head to the airport where she buys him a ticket to go stay with his father Chicago whilst she continues with the case – I must admit I had a little tear in my eye when she gave him the speech about being strong. Holder comes to meet Linden at the airport, she tells him about the 10th floor of the casino and they must get hold of Rosie’s key to the floor in order to find out the truth.

Overall another captivating episode which although wasn’t as fast paced as other episodes have been, still revealed key information in piecing the story together. I can’t help but wonder how is Linden planning on solving this case after having her police status stripped from her? I guess we just have to wait till next time!

Collette Hughes


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