The Killing Series 2 – Episode 5 “Ghosts of the Past”


After last week’s explosive episode Detectives Linden and Holder finally traced the mystery man with the tattoo and a potential suspect in the Rosie Larsen case as Alexi Gifford. As the episode came to its climax we were left on a cliff hanger as Alexi seemingly managed to get away, so as you can imagine i was absolutely dying with anticipation for this next episode.

The opening sequence presented Richmond lying in his hospital bed, loud footsteps of a man thudded through the ward finally stopping by Richmond. Suddenly the man shot Richmond three times in the chest, it was Belko and so it was all a dream… Phew! Queue the creepy theme music that i love so much.

At the police station Linden and Holder are still working to piece together Alexi Gifford’s motives for killing Rosie. Linden suggests they speak to Monica to see if she knows where he is.  Linden gets a call from Jack who is ill. She tells him she will be back at the motel soon, even though she clearly won’t be! The pair go to Monica’s house and question her about Alexi’s whereabouts; she claims she hasn’t seen him but Linden figures out that he is at the house. They arrest Alexi and take him to the station. Linden talks to Alexi about Stan but he does not respond, only revealing that Rosie hated her parents. Feeling no further forward Linden suggests to Holder that they look through Alexi’s phone.

Stan attempts to get in touch with Mitch but gets through to her voicemail he leaves a message but hangs up halfway through. He then walks to the bedroom where Terry is sleeping and goes to open the door but hesitates and walks away. At the motel Mitch notices the young girl from before sat outside arguing with an older man and decides to go speak to her at the cafe. Back at the Larsen household Mitch and Terry’s parents have come to visit, they are disgusted that Mitch has left and demand to know why from Stan. Stan feels like they are blaming him and leaves telling Terry that he has to sort something out down at the station. Stan turns up to the station where he spots Alexis sat in the room for questioning, recognising him as one of Janek’s boys. Linden tells him that shes is dealing with it and so he leaves.
Terry’s dad tells her that her thinks that it doesn’t look right her living with Stan, Terry insists she is just helping out with the boys but her father tells her she needs to stop waiting around like she did with the ‘big shot’ guy – is he talking about Michael Ames perhaps?

Mitch buys the mysterious young girl lunch and they get on well. The girl asks about Mitch’s kids, Mitch tells her that Rosie was the same age and had left home like her, the girl asks if she is on a mission to find Rosie, Mitch asks her why she had left home. The girl gets awkward grabbing her stuff to leave and so Mitch tells her to come see her in the motel if she needs anything. Is she trying to grab onto this girl because she reminds her of Rosie?
Stan speaks to his lawyer who informs him that Bennet Ahmed has recovered well but Stan will still face charges of up to 5 years in prison for kidnap and assault despite the compassion surrounding the case. Stan returns home and goes to the bedroom again where Terry is sleeping, he enters and the pair share a tender kiss before Terry’s mobile rings and he walks out of the room, leaving Terry crying into her pillow. Terry gets another call, we next see her all dressed up standing on the street and then getting into an expensive looking car – this has Beau Soliel written all over it!

Richmond looks like a shell of his former self; he is still struggling with coming to terms with being paralyzed and continues to be traumatized from being shot. He decides to go outside the hospital for the first time and begins to talk to a lady visiting her brother who has cancer. They talk about the importance of family being there to support you, something which Richmond’s sister has neglected to do. The lady asks if she can get anyone to help him, Richmond is puzzled but becomes embarrassed as he realises that his catheter has leaked without him feeling it. Jamie meets up with an old friend named Eve who now works at the DA office and asks if they are still getting criticism for dropping the charges on Richmond. Jamie returns to visit Richmond and finds him crying in the toilet, he helps him get changed, washed and puts him into bed. Jamie tells him that he needs to start fighting, after his conversation with Eve he found out that the photograph that put Richmond in the frame was faked and that he believes the Mayor Adams was to blame. To which Richmond replies “I’m going to destroy him”

Linden and Holder listen to a voicemail left by Rosie the night she went missing, she sounds scared asking for help and mentioning that has seen ‘him again’. They both continue talking to Alexi after figuring out that he didn’t hurt Rosie and that he had been driving her to and from the ferry to make sure she was safe. Alexi tells them that earlier the day he last dropped off Rosie that she had ducked down in the car hiding from someone but she didn’t seem scared. After the voicemail he had tried to call her back but there was no answer, he waited at the docks but she never turned up. Holder tries to get him to tell them who Rosie was scared of but Lt Carlson enters to tell them their time is up and that Alexi’s lawyer has arrived – why won’t he just let them get on with it!

Alexi leaves the station with his lawyer and is driven back to Janek’s restaurant unknowingly being followed by Linden and Holder. After waiting for a long time Holder insists that Linden return to Jack and that he stays to keep watch. Linden returns back to the motel to find Jacks father sat in the room, they argue about her not looking after him properly and Linden threatens to call the police which prompts him to leave but not before saying “you care more about that dead girl than you do your own son!” – Ooooh very harsh!

Holder is still waiting by Janek’s place, he goes to a store to buy something and when he returns to the car Alexi is sat in the back. He tells him to start driving and not to turn around. They drive to Lindens motel, Holder scares Linden who is jumpy after he argument. He tells her that Alexi is in the car and that he wants to talk. Alexi’s confesses that his plan was to kill Stan and that he has followed him everywhere but then he met Rosie. Holder asks who Rosie was afraid of; Alexi tells them that it was someone in another car, a black rich looking car with tinted windows so unfortunately he couldn’t see who it was. He reveals that him and Rosie would talk on the phone for hours and that she had started acting weird after finding out the truth about Stan….he isn’t Rosie’s biological father.

All I can say is bring on the next episode!


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