Guest Playlist: Minnie Driver


Minnie Driver is next up to share her Guest Playlist with us. Words and Playlist from Minnie below.

Uptown Top Rankin – Althea and Donna
Early dance memories; sneaking into clubs: all Ra-Ra skirt and  red Converse. Gum-snapping 16 year old girls torturing boys.

Dont Sweat The Technique – Eric B and Rakim
Holiday in NYC, skint, sweaty, summer- crazy lower eastside dancehalls making The Mud club look like Butlins.

If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix
A reason to like Paris again.

Golden – My Morning Jacket
I saw them play at something called ‘The Living Room Sessions’ which is just as it sounds – shows played in peoples living rooms. I sat on the floor of a living/dining room in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles and just about lost my mind the band were so incredibly good. I am devoted to them now.

Cape Canaveral – Connor Oberst
There is a drone like quality to Connor Obersts voice that I like. The melody of this song seduced me into a place of longing and satisfaction,which I love, and the lyric ‘Victory is sweet, even deep in the cheap seats’ doesn’t get much better.

I Ain’t Blue – Bonnie Raitt
This is from her first record and I love the temerity of a 20 year old writing a song that sets the record straight for people who think she’s lonely, when in actual fact all she really wants is to get some.

Jesus Etc – Wilco
I bow down at the alter that is Jeff Tweedy. I always have and I always will. This song is top three of all time for me. Something about the arrangement and the bridge always make me want to cry. Everyone has a song where this is a good thing. Everyone should find that song if they don’t.

Helpless – Neil Young
Hard to pick a sole Neil Young song, but this was the first song I learned on the guitar and I love the fact that I can never play it without re-assessing what leaves me Helpless , both good and bad.

You Do Something To Me –  Paul Weller
I slow danced across the kitchen floor with my baby son so many nights when he wouldn’t sleep. This song is forever the most enduring lullaby for me (even if it never seemed to be for my son).

A Song For You – Donny Hathaway
Maybe the most powerful love song ever recorded live. I still to this day want to smack the yapping women who wont shut up and who you hear all over this live recording, and yet…it is absolutely transporting.

To listen to the available track in Spotify click the link here – Vulture Hound Guest Playlist #7 // Minnie Driver

A big thanks to Minnie for getting involved. You can follow Minnie on twitter here – @driverminnie

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