Fragile Creatures are a new, alternative band originating from Brighton. The band consists of Adam Kidd (vocals), Aaron Neville (vocals, keyboard), Tom Alty (lead guitar, backing vocals) and James Crump (drums), in addition to live bassist Ousman Beyai.

The group cite their influences as bands such as The Beatles, The Clash and Radiohead, and are in the process of recording their debut album with Andy Lyden, who has worked with The Cure and U2. In the meantime, the band have released a double A-side EP, including the songs Dear Michael and She Makes Me Nervous, which is the first release for both the band and the independent record label to which they are signed. Dear Michael is a peaceful song with a captivating, relaxing intro featuring guitars and drums. It doesn’t take long before the vocals kick in, and the soft nature of these compliment the mellow atmosphere of the recording.

The second song, She Makes Me Nervous, provides a contrast to the former by raising the tempo. The unusual melodies make the recording quirky and interesting, ensuring the EP is a praise-worthy debut release.

The EP is now available on iTunes. Be sure to keep an eye out for the band as they prepare to release their debut album in the future.


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