Eugene Twist – The Boy Who Had Everything (Album Review)


If it’s not Eugene Twist’s distinctly cool name that gets everyone talking then it certainly will be his ambitious new debut album ‘The Boy Who Had Everything’.  Released for download earlier this month, Eugene’s self-produced album offers a satisfyingly unique sound for anyone who enjoys an innovative type of song writing, one which definitely stands far away from the mainstream. The album includes 8 wonderfully crafted tracks, which place Eugene’s strong lead vocals against a mixture of brass, strings and percussion instruments along with complementary backing vocals from several artists. The fact alone that the album was written and produced solely by Eugene is in itself a major reason as to why it is so musically inspiring.
The album opens with “If There’s Love Where I’m Going” an impressively upbeat track that oozes with great intense energy throughout. It contains the use of a delightfully grimy saxophone that adds to the busy nature of the song entering in and out of the verses. Eugene’s vocals are both slick and faultless, effortlessly laying down infectious lyrics that will not leave you disappointed. Next we have a calmer track called “It’s Down To You” a song that examines the dynamics of a friendship between two individuals.  Overall the song is what you could call an easy listening track; it is completely stripped back with sweet vocals against a steady drum beat and laid back guitar chords.

Now comes along the track that mirrors the albums name “The Boy Who Had Everything”. This haunting track seems to stand as confession of Eugene’s subconscious feelings through the use of clever metaphorical lyrics. It starts off very quiet with chilling sounds from a piano but slowly builds up with moody guitar chords and a dark solid drum beat.

Then we have the track called “Tough Act To Follow” a dreamy song with a nostalgic feel to it that lifts the mood after the intensity of the previous track. After comes the track “Talk Of Roses” another track that starts off with the same easy listening as the previous track but builds up towards the second half with distorted sounds. Both tracks flow smoothly in a way that is reminiscent of the songs from Alex Turner’s Submarine movie soundtrack.

Next we have two faster paced feel good songs “Gauguin” and “Three Dear Words”. Both tracks have slightly more edge to them with more focus on strong guitar and drum beats that are familiar with the sound of The Zutons.

Last but definitely not least is my favorite track of the album “Actress On A Mattress” a slow, sweet repetitive song that tells the story of a moment of simple passion between two lovers. It is calm, pleasant and relaxing with a sound that is similar to the music of Elvis Costello, the perfect way to end such a fantastic debut album.

This is definitely only the beginning of the journey for multitalented Eugene Twist!

Collette Hughes


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