Dana Jade – Eyes Like Cinder (Video)

The sultry vocals and haunting guitars of Dana Jade’s new album track “Eyes Like Cinder” let you know straight away that this woman is confident in the world of rock. Her début album, the self titled Dana Jade, brings out her passion for music and her love of the electric guitar. Smoking hot lyrics match the singers sensual style perfectly, as does the video for the song.

“Eyes Like Cinder” uses imagery from Dana Jade’s native Trinidad to bring an earthy sexuality to the music, throwing up a rich palette of luscious patterns, blazing fires and gothic backdrops. Clever use of lighting and textures adds yet more layers of sensual grunge and hypnotic rock, complimenting the sounds and lyrics beautifully.

Born in Trinidad, Jade has toured the world as she developed her musical muscles. Fascinated at a young age by female rock icons such as Patti Smith and Joan Jett, she was later turned to the punk side by figures such as Courtney Love. Recruited to the all girl choir Gaggle, she spent three years performing at top end gigs including Reading Festival and Later… with Jools Holland. In 2012 it was time to break away and take the solo road, leading eventually to the production and release of Dana Jade.

With her unique brand of “Caribbean rock” as she refers to it, a sound made up of influences from all over Trinidad, Dana Jade delivers her own type of gothic savagery in this track, marking herself out as an artist to watch.

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