The Rocketboys – Carry Me (Single Review)


“Carry Me”, the newest release from Texas indie rockers The Rocketboys, is taken from their newest album, Build Anyway, and carries with it the promise of a melodic change of direction from their earlier work. The recent change of line up appears to have had quite an effect on both their style and their line up. “Carry Me” is a wonderfully serene trip into soft rock, combining a delicate touch on the guitar and drums with powerful lyrics delivered by smooth, almost innocent vocals. No flashy tricks here, just the purity of lead singer Brandon Kinder’s voice mixed with the lilting melody.

“Carry Me” speaks to its listener in tones of past summers and youth’s heartbreak, an overpoweringly sweet melancholy that makes the track stick in the mind and beg for replay. The lyrics are simple but passionate, given strength by the repetitive, almost hypnotic guitar riff. Less dramatic than some of their previous songs, “Carry Me” shows the journey that The Rocketboys have taken to the release of the new album and the forthcoming US tour. The Rocketboys release of “Carry Me” on Soundcloud will serve to whet the appetite of their fans in preparation for the tour, beginning in Abilene, TX, on 5th May and taking in 17 states.

Build Anyway is released on June 5th 2012.

Becca Jones

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  1. This song is just incredible. Rarely have I heard something that just speaks in volumes of something deep inside.
    Great review not just because we agree that this is a fantastic song, but it was very well written from a professional and personal point of view.

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