The Killing Series 2 – Episode 3 “Numb” Review


After one hell of a roller coaster ride in last week’s episode I was absolutely pumped to find out what was going to happen next – so here it goes.

At the start of the third episode we saw Mitch, who hasn’t been present in the series so far, driving along in her car. She pauses as she notices a young girl who resembles Rosie trying to hitchhike but carries on driving to a motel where she is staying. At the motel she places what looks like a memories box on the table, I think it belongs to Rosie.

Linden is back in the police station trying to push for a warrant to check the cameras inside the casino where Rosie was spotted. She speaks to the officer who gave her the photographs from Rosie’s homemade film, he notifies her that the tattoo on the arm in the mirror is of a manga character – not exactly the type of client that Beau Soliel would deal with! Linden questions Lt Carlson after finding out he had not agreed to a warrant to check the Beau Soliel website, is he trying to hide something?

Holder goes to attend his old Narcotics Anonymous meeting and gets talking to an old friend from the meeting Claire. He decides against attending and quickly drives off and waits outside his little nephew’s school and starts talking to him. Holder offers to give him a ride but his nephew has been told not to go near him, it is clear that Holder is really upset by it.

Linden arrives at the Larsen house asking for Stan to look at the photograph of the tattoo to see if he can identify it. Stan gives her the cold shoulder and gets irritated that Linden does not seem to know anything about the backpack found and its contents. Linden leaves and rings the police department about the backpack, she asks to see it but they notify it has gone.

Richmond talks to the doctors in the hospital as he claims that he has experienced some feeling in the legs. The doctor seems to think this is likely and assumes that it is phantom pain but tells Richmond he will tell the neurologist.
Richmond has tests done by the neurologist and tells him he can feel a sensation in his foot. The neurologist tells him he will review the case, Richmond tells Jamie he is determined to get back on the election. Unfortunately later on Richmond comes to the realisation that he is paralyzed after the nurse changes his catheter and he doesn’t feel a thing. Meanwhile Gwen looks to her father for help to move on, he contacts a senator in Washington.

Linden goes to see Lt Oakes on his fishing boat and assumes that he took away the evidence. Oakes tells her to think about what will matter once the case is over and she is no longer a policemen, Linden tells him is what she cares about is the Larsen’s and manages to get him to give her the fake blue bag. Oakes says that sometimes part of the job is being told what to do and Linden leaves, it is clear someone was forcing Oakes hand on the situation. Linden examines the bag and looks puzzled.

Terry walks the boys to school and is unnerved by a mysterious man who is outside the school. We then go back to Mitch who is sat drinking at the Motel bar, a business man in the background is staring at her and they make eye contact. Her phone begins to ring and it is Terry but she cancels the call. Terry is back at the house, Stan comes in and they start to discuss Mitch leaving. Terry gets upset so Stan tells her to take a few days and spend some time with her friends to get away from it all, Terry refuses saying that she would never do that to them. Stan later goes to pick up the boys and finds out that the mysterious man outside the school has given them ice cream claiming to be Stan’s friend. Stan goes to visit Janek and asks to keep the boys out of it and tells him that the police think Rosie worked for Beau Soliel; Janek tells him he would look into it.

Back at the motel Mitch is in her room with the man from the bar, both of them are drinking and they begin to kiss, afterwards she goes to shut her curtains and spots the girl she saw hitchhiking earlier. Stan is at home looking at a family photograph he has found, Janek arrives and tells him that he looked into Beau Soliel records and there was no sign of Rosie. He also tells Stan that the police did not be honest about how Rosie died, giving Stan the gory details; he tells Stan that he should be the one to kill who did this. Later a man is seen deleting all files from the Beau Soliel website, he comes out into a restaurant and nods at Janek.

Linden is back at the police station re-watching the homemade videos that Rosie made, she tries to get in contact with Holder but it keeps going to voicemail, she leaves a message and asks him to call her back. Linden gets called to the place where Beau Soliel website is hosted as there has been a fire, the fireman notifies her that no computers were found and that the fire was probably accidental. Linden looks around and notices lots of street camera, she tells police officer Duncan to canvas all cameras within 4 block radius of the fire and goes to get a warrant to check them. Jack sees the photograph of the tattoo from Rosie’s video; he recognises it from a book he had read telling Linden how the story is about a martial arts fighter trying to get revenge for his father death.

Holder turns up to see his old drug dealer Tyler, after being provoked by Tyler Holder begins to severely beat him up, he picks up the drugs and walks out. Holder drives back to the Narcotics anonymous meeting, he picks up Claire and they end up having sex. Straight after she asks ‘’Have you got any?” Of course he has as he stole it from the drug dealer – noooo!

Later on Linden looks through the book that Jack told her about, when her phone rings. A police officer sends her over footage from outside the building of Beau Soliel, which shows a white van pull up outside with the Larsen’s company name on the side. In a close up of the driver you can see on his arm the tattoo from Rosie’s homemade video. Just then Linden gets another calls she answers it and it is Claire saying that she needs to find them as Holder is acting crazy. Linden arrives at a bridge where Holder is walking in the middle of the road. She tells him she knows he has switched the backpacks, he walks over to her and the two of them walk to Lindens car. The drive to his car and Linden obtains the real backpack. At the Larsen’s Stan is sat in the garage as the van from the footage pulls out showing a man sat in the front with the tattoo!

So after another enthralling episode i have even more questions are racing through my mind! There is no way i can figure this out now so i guess we shall just have to wait for the next instalment.


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