The Killing Series 2 – Episode 2 “My Lucky Day”

So here we have the second episode of series 2 and just as i had anticipated the story has already started to become even more mixed up.

The episode began with a shot of Stan lying asleep on the living room sofa, in the back ground there is the faint sound of a music box playing which wakes Stan up. I got this really horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach at this point, it had only been a couple of minutes into the episode but the scene was really creepy. It was probably a mixture of it being set at night and the eerie music from the music box but I just had this feeling that something big was about to happen… and I wasn’t wrong! The music was coming from Rosie’s bedroom, Stan goes to investigate and finds Denny playing with her old music. He tells Stan that he was scared as he heard noise outside the front door. Stan goes down to have a look and finds a bloodstained backpack which belonged to Rosie lying right on the doorstep. One thing is for sure Rosie’s killer is still out there – queue the spine-chilling theme music.

It is now day 15 of the case and Detective Linden is still trying to piece everything together. Linden visits a hostile Gwen and persuades Gwen to go over her statement from the night Rosie went missing. Gwen explains that she had joined Richmond at the B&B that night as a surprise; Richmond had disappeared then returned soaking wet smelling like saltiness of the sea. Linden asks for a key to his apartment.

Holder turns up at the Larsen residence and begins looking through the content of the back pack. Stan is angry and worried for the safety of his two boys, he begins to question Holder about whether Rosie’s killer may still be out there  Holders promises Stan he will get answers by having the backpack tested and will have a police car guard the house. Stan finds out that Belko committed suicide and is in bits.

On the way to meeting Gil Sloane Holder rings up Lt Oakes and informs him about the sudden appearance of Rosie’s backpack. Oakes disregards the bag but tells him to give it in for analysis but not to Linden as she is no longer on the case. There is definitely something dodgy about Oakes which I’m sure will become apparent in coming episodes!
Holder goes to give in the backpack to Stu for analysis; however his behaviour becomes even more suspect than before as he gives in a fake bag.

Holder later returns to the police station and asks Oakes about the results from the bag. Oates again disregards them, telling Holder that there is no need for further investigation. Holder questions this and is put in his place by Oakes, he then leaves taking a box to his car. The lid of the box falls off as he puts it into the car revealing… yes you guessed it Rosie’s back pack!

Linden goes to look around Richmond’s apartment. She comes across a photo of Richmond and his wife by a lake which is dated the same date as the night Rosie went missing but five years earlier. Linden goes to visit the area in which the photo was taken, she speaks to the lady who tells her the area around is all salt water. She finds the spot in which the photo was taken and begins walking along the bridge where she spots fisherman. After her conversation with the fisherman she goes to speak to Richmond in hospital and tells him that she knows he tried to kill himself that night by jumping off the bridge. Richmond confirms her story and threatens to sue her if it gets out as it would affect his campaign. Linden uses this information to get the charges dropped against Richmond.

Jamie has constantly been by Richmond’s side at the hospital but when Richmond suddenly wakes up he cannot bare to tell him that he is paralyzed and swiftly leaves the hospital. He goes to the gym and ignores calls from the doctors at the hospital who want him to be there when they tell Richmond. He comes across Benji, Mayor Adams campaign manager who congratulates him on a good running of the campaign; Jamie becomes angered by this and starts a fight. Mayor Adams argues with Benji about fighting stating that he should fire him to which Benji replies “you could be I wouldn’t recommend it’’. What is it that Benji knows which Adams wouldn’t want anyone to find out – ooh the questions are endless!

Jamie finally returns to the hospital, Richmond knows by this point that he is paralyzed. Jamie gets upset and tells him that the charges against him have been dropped.

Stan becomes increasingly agitated as Holder fails to get a police car to watch over the Larsen house. Terry brings a box of stuff from her apartment to the house, with Tom she starts looking through it and tells him about a glass she has in there which is made of expensive crystal. She tells him that it was a present, longingly staring at it – this little detail is definitely a sign of things to come!

Stan hears his sons talking about how they didn’t think he could protect them, this upsets him even more and so he storms down to the police department to demand for some protection. Stan returns home to find Tommy outside being spoken to by a journalist, Stan goes crazy and drags him away, the journalist reveals that the charges against Richmond have been dropped and tells Stan to contact him if he wants to talk. Stan takes matters into his own hands by visiting gangster Janek Kovarky to asking him to find Rosie’s killer and kill him, which all know cannot end well.

There was a sudden surprise in the story as Holder goes to meet Sloane. Holder tells Sloane about how he swapped his backpack with Rosie’s and that Oakes had lied about the results. Sloane tells Holder not to question anything and the only reason Holder got the job was because he is a dirty cop. Although before i thought it was Holder who was dodgy it becomes clear that it is in fact Sloane who gave him the fake photo and so is not to be trusted! Holder was just doing it so he could get a promotion quicker.

Linden arrives at the police station to speak to Oakes but is confronted with Lt Carlson. Carlson is replacing Oakes who has taken an earlier retirement, Linden tells Carlson that she knows the photo was faked and will continue to work on the case until it is solved. Carlson authorises her to do so but stipulates that she must work with Holder.
Linden and Jack return back to the motel they are staying at, Holder arrives and begins to bang on the door saying that he wants to explain everything but Linden does not answer.

Overall I think this episode was absolutely captivating, it has completely thrown all my theories out the windows adding extra details and raising even more questions. I cannot wait to see what will happen in the next thrilling episode!

Collette Hughes


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