The Big Sleep – Valentine (Single Review)


Hailing from Brooklyn, The Big Sleep are Sonya Balchandani (bassist/vocals) and Danny Barria (guitarist/vocalist) and their new album, ‘Nature Experiments’, has had us all waiting with baited breath. After their last LP, ‘Sleep Forever’, released in 2008, followed by a mammoth tour, things went quiet (or a little sleepy) for a while. Little did we know, The Big Sleepers were plotting a surprise attack. Having taken their time on this new album and armed with a deft set of GarageBand skills, ‘Nature Experiments’ promises to be a ‘filler-free’ organic product of a creative back-to-basics approach.

Potentially the ‘gold record’ off the album, ‘Valentine’ showcases the urgent runaway rhythm and climatic structure that has become The Big Sleep’s lyrical stamp. More instrumental layers bring a greater depth to their sound in comparison to the previous tracks they have produced, and the rolling drums and crashing cymbals create an epic anthemic feel. ‘Valentine’ sounds like a storm brewing: it begins with the tinkle of windchimes in the trees, which is fast intruded upon by the cynical dark force of the keyboard and the merciless hit of the drums. The track reaches climax with thrashing guitars and thunderous drumming.

Barria’s intense vocals echo of British indie influences and they are delightfully complemented by Balchandani’s sweet, ghostly tones that sweep through the track. Although the track is not led by the vocals, the chorus is catchy enough to stick and it is not hard to imagine a crowdful of jostling indie kids chanting along.

The upcoming tour sees The Big Sleep at venues all over the UK, as well as a show at The Great Escape.

12/05 – The Hope @ The Great Escape – Brighton (2:15pm)

14/05 – Music In Beta @ The Castle – Manchester

15/05 – Nice N Sleazys – Glasgow

16/05 – The Barfly – London

17/05 – Art Academy @ Liverpool Sound City – Liverpool

18/05 – Fleche D’Or – Paris, France (w/ EMA)

19/05 – London Calling @ Paradiso – Amsterdam, Holland

‘Nature Experiments’ is released on May 7th on Frenchkiss Records

Sophia Longhi


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