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As I’m sure you all know, 80s is the new black at the moment, whether it’s Jordans on everyone’s feet or acid wash jeans, it’s all about sporting those nostalgia prompting items; keepin’ it old skool.

Friends, an indie pop band from Brooklyn nail everything right about the 80s trend in their video named Mind Control, which really pushes the boat out in regards to music video production. Too often do we see mainstream music videos showing barely clothed bodies on screen whilst rejoicing consumerism in its most acute forms. Mind Control however, cleverly unites the messages told in the song with interpretations of a range of 80s science fiction movies based on conspiracy themes and world domination.

As Mind Control begins, viewers may think the video is the opening to some kind of James Bond inspired movie; an importantly dressed man holding a briefcase appears with shots of surveillance cameras rotating. The solid 80s feel created by the music seems momentarily out of place, with a simple, but hard-hitting bass-line and perfectly fitted tabla drums and spaghetti-western style riffs echoing from a guitar. Things then crescendo into synchronisation as the lead singer Samantha Urbani appears on an old-style T.V. screen

It becomes clear that the video is inspired by 80s science fiction movies. Specifically, They Live – a science fiction conspiracy movie about an alien takeover, Brainstorm – a movie in which people can ‘live out’ other peoples experiences recorded on tape and Scanners, exploring the possibility of telekinesis within society. The witty references to these movies within the video shows real thought behind putting images to sound; band member Lesley Hann in glasses shooting at the humanoid camera is directly influenced by the aliens in the movie They Live, who can only be detected by humans with special glasses.

The upbeat retro feel of the video reflects the mood of the song in a very charming manner. For the kind of vibe Mind Control goes for; 80s disco translated into sounds easily digestible for listeners of today, Friends does not disappoint. The Teena Marie influence vocalist Samantha Urbani projects adds a strong sexy personality to the band and compliments Daft Punk-like keyboards and synths.

Movies of the 80s will remain close to our hearts, especially in our current eighties-centric fashion trend. Mind Control reflects that, staying true to the gist of the lyrics. An awesome video to a great song. Definitely not one to miss!

Jenner Cole


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