Listen: Bullion – It’s All In Sound

Listen to Bullion’s It’s All In Sound from new E.P. Love Me Oh Please Love Me and read Jenner Cole’s latest review of the E.P.

When you first see the title of Love me oh please love me, the new EP by Bullion, you probably picture a weepy, downtrodden winey compilation of songs. Bullion delivers something quite different. The west Londoner serves a diverse range of tracks with different feels based loosely around a kind of chillwave/trip-hop sound. However tracks such as All in Sound reflect influences divergent of those genres. It’s All in Sound boasts a funky persona towards the end, more commonly heard in the 70/80s complimented by some killer sax and jazz keyboard sounds which promote a nostalgia as the song fluctuates between modern electro energy and the soulful mood comparable to the likes of Grover Washington.


Bullion expresses an eagerness to be separated from the norm, with vaguely structured melodies and often-minimalistic sounds that create an ambiance and echoey atmosphere; perfect for a chilled out mood. Although some aspects of this well rounded EP has so many noticeable influences the sound could be subject to confusion, which can be mistaken for a lack of direction; Age of Self, very original in its sound may create this confusion for some listeners.

That’s not to suggest that Love me oh please love me doesn’t have some wicked tracks on there, such as Collision which blends a mix of sounds similar to Neon Indian and Metronomy, with a 70s ‘new wave’ spin to mix things up a bit. Collision is definitely a track to look out for, sounding instantly enjoyable.

With elements of summer teasing us into the hope of care free sun-bleached days of relaxation, this EP is one to listen to, full to the brim of atmospheric summery vibes it certainly shows elements that will satisfy the listeners hunger for something different yet laid back. Nice and diverse, a bit of rough with the smooth: What more could you ask for? Tracks to look out for? All in Sound, Collision and the lonely comfort of Keep a Document.

Jenner Cole


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