Giana Factory – Dive (Single Review)


Fresh from conquering Denmark with their first full length album, Giana Factory are all set this year to present their sound to a worldwide audience. The Danish female trio are currently giving away free downloads of the unreleased track named ‘‘Dive’’ taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘’Save The Youth’’. The track provides a wonderfully enticing taster of what to expect from the rest of the album, which judging by this song seems that we are in for a real treat!

‘’Dive’’ is a wonderfully crafted track which mixes icy, pure vocals with dark, moody synth-pop. Its sound resembles a combination of Desire’s cool synth-pop melodies, The Raveonettes dark mesmerizing themes and a slight hint of Kate Bush’s eerie style.

Loui Foo’s beautifully haunting vocals continue to echo throughout your mind, presenting calm yet emotion filled lyrics that will leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. The lyrics have a repetitive nature about them which add a powerful hypnotic feel to the song.

This placed against the upbeat tempo of the synth and the strategically positioned drum beat, constantly builds up and crashes down like the waves of the ocean, mirroring themes within the song’s lyrics. Overall this creates an aesthetically pleasing piece of music, one which offers a refreshingly different alternative to what is offered by many mainstream girl groups these days.

Standing as a perfect show case of the natural musical talent throughout the band and another perfect teaser of the album to come, this song is definitely worth a listen.

You can pick yourself up a free mp3 download of ‘Dive’ at Charm Factory’s SoundCloud. The debut album ‘’Save The Youth’’ will be released worldwide on the 7th of May.

 Collette Hughes


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