Foreign Slippers - Farewell To The Old Ghosts (Album Review)

Foreign Slippers – Farewell To The Old Ghosts (Album Review)


The description of Foreign Slippers sound is probably the most imaginative introduction to a band I’ve read in a while, it’s like a little fairytale; ‘Welcome to the world of Foreign Slippers, where flocks of scratchy birds fly over enchanted forests full of cloth dogs and mercurial musicians, while a bewitching voice sings lullabies to the icy sky…’ This could not be more accurate to their sound.

Currently on tour, the Scandinavian group are releasing a new album available to hear and buy on Bandcamp. I actually think this band are really quite special, although could be quite faddy.  They have the cute kind of indie vibe you would expect to hear in a film like (500) Days of Summer. The whole album is easy to listen to; there are a few good tracks on there that sort of sparkle above the others, like the kind you think would be released as singles. Good example – ‘It All Starts Now’ (first song on the track listing) is the sweetest little melody with Gabi Froden’s soothing voice cooing all over it.

‘Old Ghosts’ is more upbeat, it reminds me of a song you would like to hear at a festival, on the smaller stages. ‘What You Waiting For’ is very demure but heartfelt, something you might expect from Lana Del Rey, it was also featured in an episode of Pretty Little Liars, so good for it! I think Foreign Slippers might be one of those acts that take a while to get into the limelight and have a certain fan base, a fan base that may also paint their jeans on and listen to the Smiths. The album was a good first effort.


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